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Your business is very important to you.

That is why Selcom Business Systems supply IT products that support you as if it was our own business.

High quality computer hardware that matches your type of business, and great support when things go wrong.

Data recovery service for when things really go wrong.


Important info about the Data Recovery of your Lost Files

Recovering Data from a faulty Storage Device is a specialised job and should not be attempted by anyone,
nless they are a qualified Data Recovery Service Technician. Storage Devices become inaccessible when damaged physically or logically. Data Recovery involves hours of work to salvage failed or damaged media when the data cannot be read by the operating system on the computer.

There may be other reasons for Data Recovery, Hardware Malfunction (40%), Viruses (7%), User Error (35%),, Software corruption (15%), Natural Disaters (3%).

We also recover data for Forensic purposes, power surges, static electricity, lightning strikes, fires,
floods, sabotage, f-disked drives, formatted drives.

You should ring us URGENTLY ( 0-9-536-5541 - 021-027-60001 ) so we can inform you what you need to do immediately. Once we have your Disk we will start the job of recovery using the latest methods.

You will be informed at various stages throughout the process what progress we are making
and we will require your approval at each stage.

Whether it is a Computer Hard Disk, Server Drive, USB Stick, Camera Flash Drive, we can do it.

There will be times when the Disk has been physically damaged beyond repair.
We will advise you of these problems if they arise.

We can recover the data to another Hard Disk, CD, DVD, USB Stick. We can then re-install
your computer system if you wish.

We provide complete privacy for your Data, from the point of arrival until you inform us,
how long to maintain a Backup, usually only 30 days after completion.